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Elizabeth I sterling silver shilling or 12 pence coin, Tower Mint, mint mark Cross Crosslet. Hammered coin issued 1560 to 1561 (early in reign), Spink 2555, second issue. Certified by PCGS to VF Details (bent, reverse is concave). Large module flan (33mm), well centered, complete legend. Obverse: ELIZABETH D G […]

1560 Elizabeth I Shilling Great Britain Silver Coin PCGS VF ...

Very nice Elizabeth I Shilling. 1 Shilling – Elizabeth I 6th issue. Crowned bust facing left, inside a beaded circle, legend around. Lettering: ELIZAB. D. G. ANG:FR:ET:HIB:REGI. Translation: Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England, France and Ireland. Long cross through shield, inside a beaded circle, legend surrounding. […]

Very nice Elizabeth I Shilling. 1594-6 Woolpack mintmark